Sintex Ltd (Plastics Division)

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Sintex Industries Limited
Plastic Division
Kalol (N. Gujarat) 382 721. India

Sintex Industries Ltd (Plastics Division) started in the year 1974 and today we have the most diversified manufacturing capabilities in plastic processing in the world. For over three decades, Sintex Industries Ltd (Plastics Division) has led the plastics industry offering world class plastics products and solutions for a wide range of industries. Offering durability and quality at competitive prices, Sintex has established an impeccable reputation for excellence in its entire range of products.

We are Asia’s most integrated plastic processing company with 10 plants spread across the country, more than fifteen manufacturing processes under one roof, having more than 500,000 Sq. meter area and a work force more than 1,000 strong. We have also created extensive finishing, assembling, metal fabrication and concrete products facilities. The combination of multiple capabilities along with our state-of-the-art design and tool room facilities enables us to provide our customers with a vast array of products and solutions.

“We believe in doing things better than others, daring to be different and excelling in our ways using our expertise, in-house design, development, innovation and state of art manufacturing facilities. It is these extra things that make big things possible and achieve our goals to optimise customer satisfaction & benefits which differentiates us from others.” Sanjib Roy, Sintex Ltd (Plastics Division) CEO


With well-defined expertise and proven capabilities, Sintex maintains a sustained focus on innovation through the length and breadth of its operations. Its pioneering role in the Indian plastics industry has led to a series of firsts for an Indian plastics manufacturer. Innovation for us has extended beyond the manufacturing of products.

Enhancing the efficiency of operations and improving the procurement and inventory management systems, we have been able to cut down considerably on our operational costs delivering value and utility to our customers. Our pioneering products & practices are a symbol of the innovative excellence that has shaped our success over the years.

Super Brand

Super stardom does not come easy. Nor is it easy to enter the elite hub of India’s super brands where household brand names rub shoulders. For a name that was once synonymous with water tank known to adorn rooftops, Sintex has gone much beyond. The name is now a super brand, as per the second Business Super brands series issued by the Super brands Council of India.



Rotational Moulding
Blow Moulding


Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC)
Dough Moulding Compound (DMC)
Compression Moulding
Spray up
Hand lay up
Resin – Transfer Moulding
Chop Hoop
Filament Winding

Sandwich Panels

With Metal/Plastic/FRP Facings
  • PUF
  • EPS
  • Mineral Wool

Post Moulding


Metal Fabrications

Metal forming
Metal Fabrication
Powder Coating

Civil Engineering & Concrete Facility

Cellular Concrete
Light Weight Concrete Panels
Monolithic Concrete Construction
Plastic Formwork

Outstanding Products

OEM Product Development

Over the years, we have improved our manufacturing strengths and today, Sintex has the capabilities to provide for the OEM needs of most manufacturers. Our services cover every aspect of the process including:

Product Development
Product Validation
Product Manufacturing

We also provide other support services such as cutting edge CNC and conventional machines. We also operate a fully equipped laboratory for mechanical, electrical and thermal testing.

Strong Logistics

With manufacturing units spread all across the country and a customer base, as wide as it is diverse, is essential that transportation and logistics are controlled in an effective manner.

Leadership Through Excellence

We have been major players in the plastics industry in Asia for long time. Establishing a leadership position has come through innovation and diversification. Identifying new areas for development and backing the effort with effectively targeted resources is the key to striding ahead of competition in this crowded industry. At Sintex, we are always thinking of the kind of scenario that will prevail in years to come.

Some would call it foresight, We call it active thinking…

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