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Sintex NP Group
BP 315 – 10 rue Jean Rostand
Z.I. – 69745 GENAS cedex

Since 1930, SINTEX NP group has been the European leader in processing plastics:

  • First, making thermosets by compression; then, in 1960, by injection. The use of high performance materials on the thermal, dielectric and mechanical fronts (EPOXY, BMC, PF, MP) has made SINTEX NP group the European leader in this market.
  • Thermoplastics by injection in parallel. Around 1990, SINTEX NP group started processing high performance materials such as PI, PAI, PEI, PEEK
  • Over the last few years, Sintex NP has focused on thermoplastic composites. The group offers a complete service, from study to realization, in various industrial fields, particularly aeronautics.


Thanks to a Quality department which complies with the ISO/AQAP standards and an efficient industrialization department, SINTEX NP group conceives and produces sub-assemblies made with plastic parts.

Components (metallics, components, joints, etc…) are integrated into these sub-assemblies, which have technical or aesthetical functions. Specific assembly and checking means are conceived from the outline of the proposed solutions.

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In order to meet its customer’s demands and accompany them in innovative sectors, SINTEX NP group integrated new technologies with the help of its Research and Development department and created partnerships with companies mastering other technologies such as cutting, decoration, etc… In addition, the foreign establishments of its subsidiaries also work with clients whose assembly plants are located close to SINTEX NP units.

Currently, Sintex NP group has 9 plants in France, 4 in Eastern Europe (Germany, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia) and 2 in Northern Africa (Tunisia and Morocco). They supply customers in the fields of automotive, electrical/electromechanical devices, Aeronautics/defense, household appliances, medical, construction, sport and leisure.


Thermoplastic Injection

With over 300 presses (from 15 to 1,600 T), SINTEX NP GROUP is a leader in transforming highperformance polymers, such as PEEK, PAI, PEI, PPS, LCP, PPO, and other thermopolymers.

Thermoset Compression & Injection Molding

A long-standing player in the thermoset market, SINTEX NP GROUP uses injection and compression to transform materials such as: polyester (BMC and SMC), PF, EP, PI, and more.


A process recently adopted by SINTEX NP GROUP, and qualified by our aeronautics clients, thermoplastic composites stamping enables us to transform high performance materials (PEI, PPS, PEEK…), reinforced carbon fiber, and fiberglass.


A leader in thermoplastic and composites high-precision machining, SINTEX NP GROUP has its own climate-controlled workshops equipped with 4- and 5-axis machining centers, CNC lathes, and latestgeneration tri-dimensional machines.

Quality Focus

The strong implementation by SINTEX NP GROUP employees in the company’s quality, health/safety, and environmental policies, along with operational and organizational tools, have enabled the company to obtain numerous accreditations for its Quality system.

By fighting everyday against waste and unwarranted expense, we not only make a significant contribution to the environment, but we also improve our overall productivity to help maintain our competitiveness.


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