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Sintex – Wausaukee Composites
Wausaukee Division
837 Cedar Street
Wausaukee, WI. 54177
Phone: 715-856-6321
Fax: 715-856-5567
Jason Figas
Plant Manager
Wausaukee Division
(715) 856-6321
Dawn Bontempo
QA Manager
Wausaukee Division
(715) 856-6321

Set in rural Wisconsin, north of Green Bay, SWC’s Wausaukee facility offers state of the art manufacturing with an extensive range of FRP processes and finishes. Our unique cell design and lean concepts offers our customers lower costs, outstanding quality and the ability to meet critical production schedules unmatched by industry standards.

The Wausaukee facility offers our customers the greatest flexibility in production options from RTM, LRTM and Open Molded products. We serve many diverse markets and currently mold engine hoods, medical imaging & diagnostic covers, light rail components, waste water treatment covers and recreational hoods and fenders.

Description of Capabilities

State of the art manufacturing equipment with EPA/MACT compliant resins and gel coats.
Production Flexibility – Annual volumes of 50 pieces or 5,000 pieces
ISO 9001 Certified
In-house mold and fixture capabilities
Customer design collaboration
Prototype design and development
Complete Dimensional Measurement Capability
Fully qualified and experienced in servicing major OEM’s production needs
Tooling storage available on site
Uniquely designed manufacturing cells
Sintex – Wausaukee Composites Corporate Facility

Component Processes

Resin Transfer Molding (RTM)
Open Molding (Spray and hand layup)
Light Resin Transfer Molding (LRTM)
Urethane Molding
Paint and Textured Paint Capability

Component Finishes

Base/Clear Paint
Textured Paint
Multi-color Gel coat
Fire Retardant Gel Coat
Primed Ready to Paint
Non coated


Fiberglass mat, chop
Fiberglass unidirectional mat
Balsa Cored FRP
Foam Cored FRP
G.P. Resin
Fire Retardant Resin

Additional Process Capabilities

Robotic drill/trimming
In Mold Coating
Gel coating
Value Added Assembly

MACT Compliant Materials

Typical Applications

Exterior Body Panels
Engine Covers
Fan Shrouds
Fan Baffles
Interior Cab Components
Medical Covers
Mass Transit Panels
Sintex - Wausaukee Composites

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