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Bill Hunnicutt
Market Segment Manager Agricultural – Mass Transit
(704) 519-6493
Customer Care Representative
Lori Noonan
Customer Care Agricultural – Mass Transit
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“The Mass Transit – Rail business unit is dedicated to delivering a final product that meets all of our customer’s requirements. Beginning with design input, through tooling and production, we are focused on quality, on time delivery and extraordinary customer care. Our up front collaborative approach allows SWC to develop long term, lasting relationships with our customers” Bill Hunnicutt Market Segment Manager

Sintex – Wausaukee engineers and technicians specialize in producing parts for the light rail industry. Using LRTM, open mold and SMC, SWC teams produce parts for light rail OEMs. Parts include:

Interior panels
Engine Driver Panels
Close out boxes and panels
FST Approved Components

By utilizing our engineering teams’ design and technical expertise, SWC is able to provide our customers with cost effective solutions that meet all of their design needs.

Up-front design and development support
Product design review
Tooling/ Jigs & Fixture development and manufacturing
Proven production technology & quality record
Strict APQP approach to NPI (New Product Introductions)

SWC offers a variety of processes tailored to fit our customers’ needs. Process selection is typically driven by several key factors, including tooling budget, annual volume, and structural requirements. The current processes offered are:

Open mold/hand-layup fiberglass
Sheet molding compound (SMC)
Liquid Compression Molding (LCM)
Vacuum Bag Molding

SWC also has additional processing opportunities globally through its Special Projects Vehicle (SPV).

SWC not only has the right process for molding our customer’s components, but also offers extensive value added capabilities. From unique top coat applications, secondary/post molding assembly, and logistical solutions, SWC has you covered.

In mold coating
Class “A” paint
Texturized finishes
Component sub-assembly
Turn-key system assembly
Component sourcing
Packaging & Logistics support

The Agricultural – Mass Transit Market Segment team leverages market knowledge, industry trends, regulatory requirements, and customer feedback to react to today’s ever-changing application and market environment. Our experienced team is delivering solutions every day to our customers including:

Siemens Industry
Kinkisharyo International

Let us show you how our team can help design and deliver your FRP components – cost effectively and on schedule to keep your production costs under control.

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