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SPV Manager
Bill Hunnicutt
Vice President Int. Business Development
SPV Business Manager
(704) 519-6493

Sintex – Wausaukee Composites (SWC) created the Special Projects Vehicle (SPV) as a joint effort between all Sintex divisions – Sintex-Wausaukee Composites, Sintex Ltd India, Sintex BAPL Ltd, and Sintex NP Group – to support supply and logistical opportunities for high performance composites, FRP components and polymer products globally. The Special Projects Vehicle seeks to capitalize on our global foot print and offer customers a single source contact for delivering component needs globally.

“Sintex – Wausaukee’s Special Projects Vehicles offers our customers a single source contact for global supply. Whether looking for injection molded parts in Europe, rotomolded tanks in India or SMC enclosures in Iowa, our teams handles all the leg work and delivers to our customers a landed cost solution. Our SPV is unique in the Composite Manufacturing world. We offer global production, project management and logistics. Beginning with your design until products deliver to your production floor, the SPV works with you to deliver global supply solutions.” Bill Hunnicutt, SPV Manager

For more than 30 years, SWC’s niche has been to produce world class FRP components for our domestic OEMs. With the global reach of our OEM customers, SWC looks to raise the bar, and open up new and untapped processes and capabilities to serve the global needs of these customers.

To meet our customers’ global needs, SWC has evolved the means to manufacture our components in logistical proximity to our customer’s locations beyond North America. With the established presence of Sintex manufacturing capability throughout the world, the logical extension of these initiatives is to proactively transfer the FRP component technology and expertise SWC has developed. With the transfer, SWC has established active manufacturing cells with the production capacity and engineering support necessary to meet the requirements and specifications of the local facilities of our OEM customer base wherever they operate.

Driven by the engineering expertise of Sintex – Wausaukee and our global partners at Sintex, Sintex BAPL Ltd and Sintex NP, the Special Projects team has established the critical infrastructure needed to provide local production of components for our OEM customers and established a unique supply capability in line with the needs of these multi-national OEMs.

Through The Special Projects Vehicle, Our Customers Have
Global Access to

Blow MoldingRotational Molding
ThermoformInjection Molding

The SPV Team

Sintex – Wausaukee Composites
SWC is a custom manufacturer of highly engineered composite components with two facilities in North America specializing in Resin Transfer Molding, open mold and thermoforming.
Sintex BAPL Ltd
SBAPL is a TS certified custom manufacturer of injection molded, blow molded and rotomolded components for the transportation and off road vehicle market.
Sintex NP Group
Sintex NP is based in France and specializes in thermoplastics processing. Sintex NP is a 100% subsidiary of Sintex Industries with 14 plants in Europe. Core processes include injection molding and over molding, thermoforming, BMC and paint.
Sintex Ltd.
Sintex Ltd is a global leader in the manufacture of structural plastics and textiles. Core plastics processes include rotomolding, open mold FRP composites, and SMC components.

The SPV Offers

Support for global supply and logistical opportunities for high performance composite components and engineered FRP solutions.
Utilizes SWC engineering & project management capabilities
Creates and delivers world class, quality components to OEMs globally

Key to the SPV is the selection of markets where the combined global footprint of Sintex – Wausaukee Composites, Sintex BAPL Ltd, Sintex Ltd. and Sintex NP Group offer our customers options and processes unavailable to them elsewhere. For our target markets and customers, the SPV offers a significant opportunity to supply world class quality and products wherever their manufacturing facilities may be. The Special Projects Vehicle aims to provide multi-national OEMs with a single point of contact to secure a source and secure components and parts globally.

Our vision is straightforward. The Sintex – Wausaukee SPV team provides our customers with a single contact that grants the customer access to the global Sintex manufacturing network. With one call, our customers can source FRP, injection molding, rotomolding, SMC, and blow molding components anywhere in the world.

SWC is currently coordinating supply of FRP components to 11 international facilities. SWC is managing supply logistics to US OEMs for products imported from India and Europe. Sintex – Wausaukee has created the Special Projects Vehicle to provide composite solutions to our OEM clients in the United States and globally from our facilities worldwide.

Our Customers Include

John Deere Construction and Forestry
Cummins Power Generation
Volvo Construction
John Deere Agriculture
Hyundai Construction
Sintex - Wausaukee Composites

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